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It’s central to our name, and that’s no mistake, because Project Management is at the heart of most everything we do. Whether its real estate development, new building construction for commercial, institutional, industrial or educational users; all projects require comprehensive management to meet the challenges and mitigate the risks associated with planning, design and construction.

Janik provides overall coordination and management of all aspects of the planning and implementation processes and acts as the Owner’s representative in leading the project team. Early involvement in a project offers our clients the greatest opportunity to most effectively control cost, schedule, and quality. Janik will also advise upon construction feasibility issues and implement a process that manages on-going change by working with design and construction professionals during the strategic development of a project. This enables us to anticipate project conditions, provide our clients with an early warning of potential project impact, and present the client with options and recommendations that enable informed decisions to move ahead.

Our Approach

Our approach is a comprehensive, fully integrated process that ensures successful results. As your independent, unbiased and objective representative, we provide technical expertise, flexibility and project control within a collaborative environment, and we deliver a facility completed on time, on budget and most importantly, a facility that is consistent with the client’s project goals and objectives.


The successful foundation of any real estate project begins before the construction process commences. Real estate projects require, by their nature, a complex set of planning decisions that strongly impact the long-term success of the project.

We are organized to provide expert management of the project planning process to meet project challenges and mitigate risks. Our comprehensive planning approach systematically moves the project from establishing program criteria and design, through budgeting and scheduling, placing it in the best possible position to commence implementation.


Once a sound project plan is developed, diligent implementation is necessary to ensure its success. Changes will occur in every project for a variety of reasons. Therefore, timely and effective change management, within the parameters of project goals and objectives will have a significant impact on the success of the project.

At Janik, we have the experience and expertise to lead the implementation process and to manage the inherent changes in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our comprehensive and collaborative approach moves the project from procurement through regulatory approvals, construction administration, close-out and occupancy.


Our focus at Janik Group is Project Management and Owner’s Representation, and our primary expertise is providing direction and leadership to our client’s project team to achieve their overall project goals.

The breadth of experience combined with our team methodology allows us to approach each assignment from a truly collaborative perspective, and with a comprehensive problem-solving philosophy. We listen to our clients needs, and strive to understand the bigger picture – their vision. Together, we develop the solutions to achieve that vision; sometimes in ways that have never been considered before, and with remarkable results.

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