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Nick Sampogna is a Real Estate Developer, Consultant and Project Manager with 40 years of experience in the Real Estate Development industry. He has worked in the Town of Markham in the Planning Department for 6 years and has attended the Ryerson Technical Institute (Architectural Program).

In all the projects, Mr. Sampogna is directly involved with the purchase, re-zoning and development of each site. He is responsible for the final design of individual suites as well as the building, directly involved with the marketing and sales program of the project, financing of the development and project and construction management on a day to day basis and ultimate of completion of the project.

Mr. Sampogna is also responsible for the registration of the condominium project and, as such, is directly involved with the solicitor, surveyor, and other consultants to ensure that proper documentation (declarations and disclosures) are properly completed and registered, in order to ensure proper registration and ultimate “turn over” of the condominium development.

Furthermore, he is responsible for all Tarion regulations and guidelines as they relate to each project and through his experience and background he ensures that each project is assessed at the lowest possible risk assessment.