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At Janik, we conduct feasibility studies to help property owners, developers and lenders make informed decisions by providing critical information about a specific concept or project, such as new construction or redevelopment of existing facility. The studies we provide represent the comprehensive summation of numerous analyses used to determine the viability of a project, and may typically include the following:

Market Analysis

  • Current market trends
  • Local economic trends
  • Demographic trends
  • Market demand and supply
  • Comparable facilities/competition
  • Location analysis

Financial Analysis

  • Capital costs
  • Projected revenues
  • Operating costs
  • Financing methods
  • Return on Investment

Janik works both internally and with a network of professional market researchers, developers, architects and engineers to compile the market, demographic, product and financial information critical to the study. Janik organizes the data, analyzes the results and prepares a final report and presentation summarizing the project’s strategic and program goals, concept design, market research, and financial impact. The report will also include possible alternate design and/or implementation approaches that may more closely achieve the client’s overall project goals.


Perhaps one of the most essential early evaluative tools in real estate, due diligence is the investigation of a site or facility to provide detailed information as to its current condition. This investigation is a valuable tool by which property owners and users make informed decisions with respect to acquisition and disposition of property. At Janik, we coordinate and manage due diligence investigations based on individual client needs. A comprehensive due diligence investigation typically consists of the following components:

Existing Facility Investigation

  • Property conditions report
  • Code compliance
  • Utility profile
  • Itemized list of needed repairs
  • Deferred maintenance items
  • Cost estimate for repairs
  • Useful life studies

Existing Conditions Investigation

  • Phase I environmental study
  • Topographical survey
  • Flood Plain Delineation
  • Financing methods
  • Return on Investment
  • Boundary Survey
  • Utility Survey
  • Geotechnical
  • Traffic Study
  • Tree Inventory

Entitlement Analysis

An important component of a due diligence investigation, entitlement analysis is the investigation of current zoning and planning applicable to the site as well as special districts or interim controls. The regulatory environment that controls the building process in today’s marketplace is complex. In response to this complexity, Janik also provides an evaluation of future entitlement changes, including any pending legislation, trends in the local community and unstable political environments that may impact the future development potential of a site.

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